Ten Books I Bought Because of Booktok | Top Ten Tuesday

What were the last books you bought because of social media? Today I share the last 10 books I read that TikTok made me buy, and some thoughts about them!

Top 10 Tuesday is a prompt based blog post where the writer (me!) has to think of 10 things/ books/ answers to a book related prompt, which is created by The Artsy Reader Girl.

Although this is my first time participating in Top Ten Tuesday, I’m really excited to get involved. This week’s prompt is a ‘freebie’, which means I get to pick what I write ten things about! So, what better way to get those wish-lists ready for Christmas, then sharing ten books I bought because booktok made me do it (and that I actually enjoyed too!)

Don’t forget to check the trigger warnings!

1. The Lady of Darkness by Melissa Roehrich

Rating: ★★

I’ve talked about this book enough by now, you know the drill!

2. Little Fire by Hollee Mands

Rating: ★★

Want to know more? Check out my mini review in my November wrap up!

3. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Rating: ★★

Love a contemporary romance with the grumpy-sunshine trope? Then this one is for you! I dowloaded it on a whim as an audio book and loved it. I was going around finding jobs to do in my house just so I could listen to more and find out what happens! My friend also recently picked it up and loved it too!

4. Firebrand by Brandi Gann

Rating: ★★.5

All I’m gonna say is I got MASSIVE Rowan vibes. I think that’s all you need to know!

5. Savage Lands by Stacie Marie Brown

Rating: ★★★.5

An excellent dark romance, fantasy. Warwick is the ultimate bad boy and I LOVE how feisty the female MC is. Be warned – the series isn’t finished yet! But, there’s totally enough to get you binge reading for now… and the next one is out in January so there’s not long to wait!

6. The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni

Rating: ★★

7. Flame and Starlight by Dana Isaly

Rating: ★★

There’s a lot of controversy around this book and a lot of people saying the author ‘ripped off’ ideas from other books. Don’t get me wrong, I got major ACOTAR vibes, but I’m not sure we can ‘rip off’ most of the ideas, as they appear in most fantasy books with fae in! I really enjoyed it and it was a quick read. I’ll be picking up the next book on kindle to see the end of Alys’s story.

8. Fortuna Sworn by K.J. Sutton

Rating: ★★

I’ve been reading this series quite slowly, but not because I’m not hooked! It’s just been one of those series that I want to devour, rather than whizz through very quickly! Lot’s of twist and turns and I really do love both parties in the little love triangle that’s definitely going down!

9. These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan

Rating: ★★.75

I was a little bit more disappointed with this one – Bash drove me absolutely INSANE and the female MC was a bit silly at times – but it was still a quick read and I’ll definitely be checking out what happens next!

10. Song of the Marked by S. M. Gaither

Rating: ★★★.25

This series is quite slow paced, something that doesn’t usually work for me, however S. M. Gaither knows how to write the last 100 pages and keep you hooked. I really like the MC and her love interest, plus she has an excellent squad around her – something I’ve come to find is really important in books for me!

What were the last books you bought because of social media?

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